Building Permit Requirements Checklist

Plan Requirements

Plot Plans

Submit a plot plan drawn to scale showing:

  • The location and dimensions of easements
  • Property lines
  • The proposed building or addition, with distances to property lines and any existing buildings on the property

Also, include the legal description of the property.

Building Plans

Send a PDF to, to include:

  • Cross sections
  • Decks
  • Elevations
  • Floor plans
  • Stair sections

Plans shall be drawn to scale. Plans shall include elevations with steps in foundation. Floor plans with dimensions and labeled rooms. 

Other Plans & Data

  • Submit a foundation plan with interior footings, step in foundation, rebar schedule.
  • Structural data shall be submitted for floor joists, roof trusses and beams. Homemade roof trusses are not allowed. Plans and structural data shall be submitted for retaining walls over 4 feet in height.

Scales & Plan Requirements

  • Plans shall be drawn to scale. These are the recommended scales:
    • Details of 1/2 scale
    • Elevations of 1/4 scale
    • Floor plans of 1/4 scale
  • Plans shall show all dimensions.
  • Top of foundation and bottom of curb elevation shall be on the plan. Side elevations and rear elevations shall show steps in foundation wall or walkout basement.

Commercial Site Plans

Commercial site plans need to include the following:

  • Dumpster location
  • Engineered Drainage plan
  • Landscape plan
  • Parking plan
  • Sewer and water location and size of lines
  • Sidewalk location

Other Permit & Documentation Requirements

  • Submit a grading permit if inside City limits and disturbing more than 1,000 square feet of soil
  • Submit a stormwater permit from Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) if one acre or more is disturbed.
  • Digging permit is required, if digging in the City of Spearfish right-of-way.
  • Buildings of pole barn type construction, post frame and steel buildings shall have a South Dakota Engineer Stamp.
  • If applicable a copy of the Homeowner's Wiring Certificate shall be submitted to the Building Inspection Department.
  • A complete list of contractors shall be completed. All contractors shall be licensed by the City of Spearfish prior to obtaining Building Permit.
  • 3-mile area: Submit site-specific septic system design, stamped by a South Dakota Licensed Registered Professional Engineer, accompanied by Certification that installation will be performed as per the design. Include a plot plan showing the location of the system on the property.
  • Spearfish Valley Sanitation District: Submit a copy of Sanitation District connection form to the Building Department. There is a $50 charge for one city employee to inspect and approve the sewer connection.
  • A soil report may be required depending on the type of Soil at the construction site.
  • You must report the total project cost (does not include land).

Site Requirements

  • Toilet facilities are required on-site, for construction workers.

Approval & Processing

  • Plan review and approval may take up to two weeks before construction can begin.
  • A building permit will not be issued until all requirements are met.