Recreation Trail

Recreation Trail winding through trees by a creek

Creation of the Recreation Trail

The Spearfish Recreation Trail system was begun in 1985 after the death of two young bicyclists. After this tragic accident, the Spearfish Pathways Association (SPA) was formed with a goal of establishing a path safe mode of transportation for bikes, walkers, and runners through town to help maximize safety by minimizing contact with motorized traffic. The other goal of the SPA was to construct the path with minimal use of tax money. 

The SPA was able to construct 2 miles of path, but with limited funds and a desire to expedite the project the City of Spearfish took over the project.

Expanding the Trail

In 1990, the City of Spearfish was successful in obtaining its first of several grant funding opportunities to further advance the Recreation Path System. 

The priority route first established by the City was to run the route north and south through the City and adjacent to Spearfish Creek linking the City Parks and the City Campground that border Spearfish Creek. Sections of path through the City Campground and out to the mouth of Spearfish Canyon are on the original railroad grade that ran trains from Spearfish up Spearfish Canyon.

The expansion continues through additional grant and tax funding sources. To date, approximately 7.5 miles of Recreation Trail has been completed.

Recreation Trail going through trails and across a bridgeRecreation Path Rules

Please follow these simple rules to help make our Recreation Trailsafe and enjoyable for all users.

  • Respect the other users of the trail no matter what their skill level speed, and mode of travel.
  • All users should keep to the right and be aware of traffic approaching from behind.
  • Always pass on the left and give an audible signal before overtaking and passing other users.
  • Do not block the trail.
  • As per the City Ordinance, keep all pets on a leash and remember to clean up after your pets.
  • Be aware of intersections, street crossings, and all signage.
  • Keep the trail clean.