City Council Waiver Required

The following will not be eligible for financial assistance/in-kind unless specifically waived by the City Council:

Types of Organizations / Individuals

  • Social assistance services that are provided by other government agencies
  • For-profit organizations
  • Organizations with political affiliations
  • Organizations serving as funding sources for others, e.g. service clubs
  • Faith organizations where services/activities include the promotion and/or required adherence to a faith
  • Organizations receiving greater than 50% funding from senior levels of government
  • Political candidates

Types of Requests

  • Travel expenses for members of an organization
  • Uniforms
  • Individuals
  • Programs with legislated mandates of other governments
  • Costs for major capital equipment/renovations and financing of deficits
  • Any funding requests from organizations that do not submit the required reporting information for a previous year’s grant in accordance with Conditions of this policy
  • Incorporation costs or Director’s Liability insurance costs
  • Under any one of the following conditions: The event involves fund raising supports with no general public purpose; will not be accessible to the general public; benefits the organization only as a fund-raiser; or provides a benefit limited to the participants, clients or membership of the organization