Funding Limits

Any organization is not limited from applying for more than one class of Funding Sources, General Fund or Hospitality Tax Fund. However, a separate grant request packet is required for each.

  • General Fund: Any organization or event in any one fiscal year will be capped at a cash request and/or in-kind value of $10,000. Any amount, in total cash and/or in-kind received from the city in aggregate from all funding sources, shall not exceed 25% of the total annual budget of the organization. Council has the authority to increase the maximum funding limits of this section on a case-by-case basis.
  • Hospitality Tax Fund: Qualification for grant award approval from the Hospitality Tax Funds will be viewed on a much different set of criteria than general funds. The authorized uses for Hospitality Tax Funds are strictly limited by South Dakota Codified Law and the City of Spearfish’s Code of Ordinances. Therefore, there is a very limited use for these funds and they will be distributed accordingly. Funding limits per organization or event in any one fiscal year will be set by Council on a case by case basis.
  • The primary determination for grant award will be Return on Investment, how many out of town visitors and therefore, additional sales tax revenue is generated for the City of Spearfish as a direct result of your organization. The reason this is the primary determination is because it is a direct regeneration of the funds being granted.
  • Secondly, documented need. Will your organization fail to achieve its mission if assistance is not received and have you sought out all other potential avenues for sources of assistance?
  • Unique or overlapping service?