Application Process & Conditions

Prior to considering any request for funding or in-kind support (not subject to City Administrator approval under this policy), Council shall require the following from the organization:

  • A completed Charitable Funding Application form detailing the requested funding/in-kind support from the city.
  • Evidence that the organization is recognized as a nonprofit charitable or civic organization.
  • Financial statements which shall include an income and expense statement and a balance sheet (if one is available) from the previous event or fiscal year
  • A detailed budget for the upcoming fiscal year or event
  • Information pertaining to the evaluation criteria.
  • The applicant will provide one copy of the application form and any supporting documents to the city. An electronic copy is acceptable.
  • The city reserves the right to request supplementary information in support of the application.
  • Requests for financial and/or in-kind assistance shall be received by the city no later than June 15 of each calendar year
  • If the above information is not submitted by the June 15 deadline, applications will be returned and not considered by Council
  • Filing an application does not necessarily guarantee the awarding of any funding to the applicant
  • Previous year’s funding allocations will not be considered and each application will be reviewed on its own merit
  • The city reserves the right to deny or approve any/all requests