Application Review Criteria

Staff will review all non-profit applications and recommend approval and award amounts to the City Council. Applications will be scored by the committee on the following criteria:

  • Program Description 10%: Write a detailed summary of what your organization does and also about your requested use for proposed funds.
  • Uniqueness of service 25%: This will ensure that services aren’t continually duplicated across various applying non-profits. The fewer applying non-profits that provide your service, the higher your score.
  • Contribution to Citizens 25%: How effective and active your organization is in the citizens’ lives and welfare. The more involved and responsible your nonprofit, the higher the score.
  • Number of Participants 20%: How many citizens participate in and benefit from your services and how many total participants and Citizens from Spearfish will specifically benefit from the funds you’ve requested from the City.
  • Audited Financials 20%: If your financials reveal money mismanagement, then your score will be lower.

Those organizations that are awarded funding will submit payment requests and quarterly financial reports of the organization. Documentation showing that expenditures were made for the intended purpose listed in the application will be submitted with the payment requests.