2002 Police Officer Shield

In June of 2002, Chief Patrick Rotert changed to a shield. Officers Darin Pedneau and Boyd Dean designed and created the shield. The shield was custom made by Entenmann-Rovin Co.


The shield depicts what Spearfish is famous for, our scenery. The shield shows Crow Peak with two Black Hills Spruce trees on either side of the City Seal. The number on the shield indicates the personal computer-aided dispatch identification number of the Officers. The shield also has the City Seal depicted. 

This was also the first shield to have Police Officer on the top rocker and not Patrolman. 

2002 Ranking Officer ShieldTypes of Badges

The Police Officers shield is all silver in color with blue lettering.  Officers of rank, wear the two-tone, gold on silver shield with blue lettering.

Past Badges

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