Vehicle Violations

The following types of vehicles must be stored behind the front side of a house and screened from view or removed from properties:

  • Dismantled
  • Inoperative
  • Junked
  • Partially dismantled
  • Unlicensed motor vehicles
  • Wrecked

Screened from View

Screened from view requires the vehicle(s) to either be stored inside a shed or garage, or enclosed within an opaque fence of sufficient height to shield the vehicle from all viewpoints. 


All parking in residential areas must be on a hard paved surface. Limited parking on graveled surfaces is allowed only on parking areas that were in existence prior to 2003. In no case may vehicles be parked on grass surfaces. Simply placing a cover on an illegal vehicle does not remove the violation. Unlicensed or inoperative vehicles must be properly stored. 

Photo Gallery

Review a gallery of examples of vehicle violations.