Residential fees apply to City and Lawrence County residents.

  1. Household Items
  2. Branches / Yard waste
  3. Construction Materials
  4. Tires / Automotive
  5. Non-Permitted Items
  6. Items for Sale
Minimum debris charge / Furniture $5.00 Per item
Recyclable metals / Appliances containing no refrigerant  $5.00 Per item
Recyclable electronics - computers, flat panel monitors, towers, printers $5.00 Per item
Items with salvage to be re-sold $5.00 Per item
Non-recyclable electronics - televisions, computer monitors $15.00 Per item
Appliances containing refrigerant without reclamation certificate $60.00 Per unit
Pickup load of bury area material $10.00 Flat fee
Corrugated cardboard Free