Pocket Parks

A "pocket" park is an outdoor space that is small in size and brings life to unused spaces throughout the community. These parks provide a safe and inviting setting to connect with friends, enjoy lunch, take a break on your walk, or unwind after a long day. Spearfish offers 6 pocket parks listed below. 
  • Rotary Park, 1225 N 3rd St. 
  • Susan Bertsch Memorial Park, 1125 N 3rd St.
  • Lookout Park, 1825 N 3rd St.
  • RSVP Memorial Flower Garden, 1230 N Main St. 
  • Dog Park (Off Leash), Roughlock Ln. 
  • Indian Springs Gazebo, 220 Dakota St. (allows reservations) 

RSVP Memorial Flower Garden

RSVP Memorial Gardens

Indian Springs Gazebo

Pathway leading to Indian Springs Gazebo