How will the new design affect snow removal?

Snowplowing has been a point of discussion since the project was first proposed. The City Departments will have to make decisions about the methods of snowplowing once the final designs are approved before construction.

Snow Removal Challenge

Snow removal will be a challenge. There could be some additional cost in equipment and man-hours, especially as we learn. There are plenty of other communities with this type of road configuration in northern environments. We too will figure out how best to effectively and efficiently remove snow with this road configuration in our environment. Snow plowing is not as much of an issue with the roundabout. The medians and protected bicycle lanes are more so the challenge.

Snow Removal Plan

The City will develop a snow removal plan for the bike lanes prior to completion of construction. A likely scenario is that they will be used for snow storage for a number of days after a snow storm until it is convenient to remove the snow. Removing the snow from the bicycle lanes on the same schedule as the street may be necessary if/when on-street bicycle use increases to a point that it justifies the additional expense.

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