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Contractor's License

  1. Licenses & Fees

    There is a license fee of $75*.  Working in our jurisdiction without a license will be an automatic $150 fine.

    *Garbage collector licenses are $100.

    Online application submittals will be reviewed and payment will be requested once the information has been  verified for accuracy.

    This license shall exist from the date issued to the end of the current calendar year in accordance with the city ordinance governing the same.

  2. Examples:
    • Concrete
    • General
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
    • Painting
    • Roofing
  3. This field must be in the format xxxx-xxxx-ET.

  4. Insurance Requirements

    The City of Spearfish requires $1,000,000 each occurrence liability insurance and $2,000,000 general aggregate liability insurance. Please have your insurance company send a Certificate of Insurance showing these limits and naming City of Spearfish as a Certificate Holder.

     The information can be sent via fax at 605-642-1337

    You can upload your certificate at the bottom of the form.

  5. Code Books
    Contractors shall have a current code book pertaining to their trade.
  6. Upload Certificate of Insurance.
    Up to 20 MB file size.

  7. Upload Plumbing and/or Electrical License.
    Up to 20 MB file size.

  8. Additional Contact Information
    Building Services
    Phone: 605-642-1335
    Fax: 605-642-1337
    Email the Building Services Department
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