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Grant Request Application

  1. Spearfish City Grant Request

    Please complete the following form and upload the required documents to be considered for following Fiscal Year City Grant monies.  Grant requests are accepted May 1st through June 15 annually.

  2. Grant Request Application

    If awarded the funding by the City of Spearfish, the organization agrees to allow access to the financial records and other records that the City may request to review to ascertain that the funds provided by the city are used for the purposes now being requested. If awarded, I agree the organization will use the funds for the purposes now being proposed and I agree not to use the funds for other purposes without the prior approval of the City of Spearfish. I certify that the information herein provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

  3. By typing your name into the field available you are hereby authorizing Spearfish, South Dakota to accept this as your electronic signature.
  4. 1. Financial Summary
    Please upload the most recent audited financial statement and organizational budget to include the following: Total Revenues (identifying revenue sources; Total Expenditures (with salaries and benefits, and a breakdown between operations and administration); Other Operating Expenditures; Capital Outlay Expenditures: Estimated Net Surplus (Deficit); Balance Sheet
  5. Upload additional financial documentation if needed
  6. Upload additional financial documentation if needed
  7. 2. Additional Attachments
    Please upload any additional attachments in concise form along with another other information you would like considered. Examples: Mission / Vision Statement; Goals for upcoming year(s); Accomplishments in the past 3 years
  8. If your organization serves a "regional area", please provide an analysis of revenue sources from all governmental agencies versus citizenship location of persons benefiting from services provided.
  9. Please include the total number served and the total number of Spearfish residents served.
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