Time to renew your pet tags!

     Everyone knows that our pets are like members of the family! What better way to help with their safety than to purchase a City Pet Tag. Under City Ordinance, all pets residing inside city limits are required to have a pet tag. These tags help return your pet if they become lost or should go on an unsupervised adventure.
     Pet tags are $5 for spayed\neutered pets and $10 for non-spayed\non-neutered pets. All that is required to register your pet is the owner’s name, address and phone number, the pet’s breed, description, rabies shot information and name. You can now attach your pet’s picture to their tag info! Bring in a photo of your pet, e-mail a photo to jackalyn.paul@cityofspearfish.com or bring your pet in and we’ll take their picture!
     Pet tags are issued by the Police Department located at 225 E Illinois Street. For more information, please contact Animal Control at 642-1300.